How do I use VidChat?

Premium BateWorld members are able to access 24/7 live video chat with other members. Simply navigate to Live Cams at the top of your page. Select VidChat from the dropdown menu and Open VidChat to get started.

A popup window will appear showing you room options. Select a room to enter by pressing the green Join button. You will automatically be taken into the room you choose. You can now enter text into the general chat via the Chat window at the bottom of your screen.

Verified Premium Members can broadcast live video in the chat rooms. To broadcast your camera, toggle the button next to the Camera icon at the top right of your screen to green. A popup will appear asking for permission to access your webcam and mic. Click Allow to start broadcasting. You’ll see a preview of your cam image in the upper left corner of your screen. Once your camera and mic are active you can change your settings by clicking the Settings icon at the right corner of your preview image. To disable your camera or microphone once it’s been activated, click on the Camera or Audio on/off switches in the upper right corner of your cam preview image.

To interact with other members directly select their Username from the list on the left of your screen. A popup will appear with several options including viewing their profile, private messaging, etc. Just click on the option you’d like to use. To see who is broadcasting video, click on the Camera icon just above your video preview on the left side of your screen. Broadcasts will appear as moveable popups over the VidChat field area. You can resize and move broadcast windows.

You can enter more than one room. Just click the Rooms List button at the top of the VidChat field. Click the green Join button to open another room tab in the VidChat field, or create and invite other users into your own room.

VidChat users must follow BateWorld Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Anyone who violates these rules risks having their profile deleted or banned.


-Please note that in cyberspace anyone can download a video stream and we have no control over that.

-BateWorld will never sell or distribute any video streams.

-BateWorld moderators may at times enter video chat rooms invisibly (including private rooms) to monitor chat activity.

Report any issues, concerns, suggestions to the BateWorld VidChat Forum