An AirBnBate is a bator-friendly place to stay when travelling. Bateworld members share accommodations and rentals for other bators and their friends or partners.

Bateworld has been bringing together masturbation aficionados from all over the world for more than ten years. Providing a safe platform that allows users to grow and share their knowledge and experiences with supportive and link-minded folks – that’s what it’s all about! Premium members enjoy exclusive video chat, access to an extensive member video library, and loads of other essential features. New members can grab a 7 day Premium trial for free!

Airbnbate: gay friendly accomodations brought to you by Bateworld

Bateworld members can search local or destination accommodation listings quickly and easily. It’s not always easy to find an LGBTQI+ friendly establishment without worrying what your host might think about your hobbies or habits.

Bateworld members already get it, so you won’t have any explaining to do. In fact, if you’re really adventurous you might even convince your horny host (many of whom hold the title of “the ultimate misterbnb”) to get in on the action!


What can you expect?

Because you’re connecting via Bateworld, you can be sure to avoid awkward moments and strange looks. You’ll find polite hosts who may even be interested in participating and sharing some special times with you during your visit!

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