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Many guys stick with the vanilla way of jerking off since it’s pretty straightforward and does not require you to hassle with additional equipment. While there’s nothing wrong with that mindset per se, you are missing out on a lot of intense orgasms by beating your meat the same way every single time. With the incorporation of a male fleshlight, your experience can be significantly improved.

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The Advantages of Using a Male Masturbation Fleshlight

You would be surprised by the sheer number of great benefits that come with a simple yet incredibly useful device. Here are a couple of most notable advantages of using a fleshlight:

Train Stamina

Allows you to train your stamina


The sensation is

Intense Orgasams

Intense orgasms


Option to use different types (butt, oral, serrated inner sleeves)

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Whether you’re looking to get a Fleshlight or a gay Fleshlight (called a FleshJack), you will have many options. Perhaps you have a favorite pornstar whose mouth or butt you’d like to masturbate with or you just want to experience an incredible sensation for your dick. Getting such an affordable and easy-to-use sex toy is a must for every masturbation aficionado.

Do It With Your Bate Buddy

If you’re an adventurous individual who likes to explore their sexuality and incorporate novelties into their wanking sessions, we strongly recommend you to find a bate buddy. Two guys sharing a FleshJack is beyond hot!

Bring a breath of fresh air into your masturbation sessions by picking up some of the tips and tricks our members have to share with their like-minded colleagues. Our members come from all over the world, and there are as many first-timers as well as experts. In simpler terms, don’t hesitate to become a part of our community, and we promise you’ll learn new things about yourself, your sexuality, and most importantly – you will be amazed by the new heights you can achieve by becoming a skilled bator and not just a basic masturbator.


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