Bateworld Community Guidelines

Revised 10.10.2023


Our goal at is to maintain a safe environment for our users to share personal experiences and media, and to foster authentic connections in a unique, adults-only online platform. We rely on our diverse community of members to ensure those things are possible. 

These guidelines offer an overview of how you can help.

Additionally, BateWorld’s complete Terms of Service are always available for review. 


Above all else:

  • Respect everyone on BateWorld
  • Be yourself – don’t impersonate others or attempt to catfish your way to more views and friends
  • Masturbation is the heart of – keep photos, videos, and discussion near this subject as much as possible


Guidelines for enjoying


BateWorld is for consenting adult men only

This means that anyone signing up for a BateWorld account confirms they are at least 18 years old, and can provide documentation of this upon request. Because of the adult nature of the BateWorld environment, minors are expressly forbidden from using any part of the site. 

BateWorld also takes a strong stance against child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation materials (these are the terms we use, rather than the outdated misnomer of “child pornography”). Users can read our full statement on this subject here

All users are encouraged to report suspected occurrences of child sexual exploitation material or discussion of such materials to BateWorld staff immediately. Please take into consideration that recollections or discussions of lived experiences are important to how users discuss their relationship with masturbation. While we understand some may not feel comfortable with these discussions, recalled experiences may not always violate the Terms of Service


To summarize: 

Men on BateWorld have to be 18 or older. That’s it.


BateWorld is about masturbation

While we welcome a variety of subjects and value the diverse experiences of our members, this site and its forums and profiles are not the place in which to engage in political or religious debate, or express support or praise for unlawful organizations or activities. BateWorld is all about masturbation, and discussions and media should reasonably focus on masturbation. If a user is unsure if a subject is appropriate for the BateWorld community, the Content Standards section of the BateWorld Terms offers specific guidance about content that could result in suspension or removal from the site. 


In general terms, though:

Refrain from descriptions or media uploads focused solely on non-masturbatory sex. Don’t promote violence or harm, don’t threaten or intimidate other BateWorld users, and don’t promote or solicit any illegal activities.


Be yourself on BateWorld

This is a unique and welcoming community of individuals from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome on BateWorld. Remember this as you choose photos and media to share with other members, and strive to be as authentic as possible here. 

You aren’t ever obligated to publicly share personal identifying details about yourself (such as your real name, age, or location). But you shouldn’t upload any media to the site that intentionally misrepresents you, or may reasonably cause confusion about who you are. That means, profile photos and videos should only be of you, and must never seek to impersonate BateWorld staff, another BateWorld user, or any other person. 

Sharing photos or videos copied or collected from the internet denies the individuals creating or appearing in that media the opportunity to offer consent. There is no way to be certain that these images or videos were ever meant for public display or could have been originally distributed or published as revenge porn (which is a crime in all but four US states). 


The short version:

BateWorld is all about you doing you. Literally. Be just yourself, share just yourself, and welcome the community that comes to enjoy you.


Respect other BateWorld members

BateWorld’s reputation for positivity and encouragement is one of the elements for which we are most proud of our community. 

Respecting other BateWorld members means avoiding the use of hate speech or inflammatory materials or language (even to demonstrate an “example,” and even when presented in coded slang).

Respect also means using BateWorld profiles and messaging for their intended purposes, and not to spam or promote outside services or products. Your profile is a great place to share other places online users can learn more about you. Individual websites, blogs, or social media accounts are a great way to help users get to know one another, but should not be pushed to users via messaging. 

Respecting others definitely also means respecting the intellectual property of others. Intentionally removing watermarks, copyrights, or other identifying marks from photos or videos before uploading them to BateWorld often indicates you do not have the right to post them. 

Never duplicate or republish media or materials from other BateWorld users or BateWorld profiles. This includes, but is not limited to, screenshots, screen captures, or other recording methods. These are serious violations of the trust placed in this community and repeat violation will result in permanent removal from the site.

If you believe any user contributions to this site violates your copyright, please see BateWorld’s Copyright Policy for instructions on how to send us a notice of infringement.  


In other words:

Be kind to other members. There are plenty of other forums and websites on which to engage in outrage, discrimination, and piracy. If you don’t have anything penis to say, consider not saying anything at all.




Full Terms of Service 

For more details or to better understand BateWorld policies, you can review the BateWorld Terms of Service at any time. If you are experiencing problems with the site or another user, use the Report function available on all photo and video pages, or contact us directly.