Sexual orientation aside, lots of men enjoy sharing their masturbation with each other in person. Mutual and group masturbation is a fantastic way that bators can share different rituals and techniques with one another and is the heart of jack off clubs worldwide. This kind of shared connection or intimacy provides an intense opportunity for bonding.

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Mutual masturbation and group masturbation is the ultimate bonding experience

Sadly, male group masturbation is largely still taboo in many parts of the world. But it is a well documented part of many cultures, tribes, and civilizations throughout history – all the way through today. Even The Beatles’ Paul McCartney has spoken openly about jacking off with his bandmates and friends on occasion as a casual and exciting bonding experience.

If you’ve ever thought or fantasized about group male masturbation (whether as part of an impromptu circle jerk, locker room sauna, or an organized jack off club) you’ll be in excellent company on Bateworld. You can easily search and connect with local bators, meet online via Video Chat, and find your local jack off club’s next meeting time.


Learn more about yourself through mutual masturbation

Lots of guys think they already know everything there is to know about their preferences, desires, and kinks. But this is usually not the case. How many experiences have you had in your life that turned out to be completely different than you first imagined?

If you’ve never experienced the charge and connection of jacking off with and for other dudes, there’s no reason to be afraid of experimenting. The most common fear men face when it comes to sexual experimentation is that anything they do will somehow define them forever. Plenty of straight guys have masturbated, been turned on, and enjoyed the fraternity of mutual or group bate – all while remaining firmly heterosexual. However you identify, it’s worth finding an opportunity to share in some of this pleasure at least once. If you don’t enjoy it, you can always leave! But there’s a very good chance you’ll like it a lot, and discover it’s completely different than you ever thought it could be.


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A bator is someone who enjoys the act of masturbating. Sometimes masturbation may be the only sexual satisfaction a bator needs. A bator is typically someone who masturbates more and uses it as their form of pleasure more than your average man who jerks off once in awhile.

Bators can masturbate with each other, share their masturbation experience, show on VidChat, mutual masturbation or even circle jerk.

There are tons of Male Masturbation groups on

You can host a group online on Sometimes these groups can have in-person events as well.

Initiate group masturbation by creating a group and planning days/times to have a group session.

You can host a group first by creating a group. Find your tribe, what the intentions of the group are and by keeping the group informed and engaged. This makes the best host as long as you keep the group conversing and sharing.

Rather in person or online group masturbation is fun in that you get to share and express your masturbation with other men who are enjoying the same pleasures.

Many guys have tried mutual masturbation at least once in their life. Consequently, there are many friends who like to cum together since it’s a unique and pretty hot experience in and of itself.

A lot of guys, including all members of our community, love cumming together. It’s somewhat of a bonding experience, and more importantly, it allows you to experiment with your sexuality, desires, and even pick up new techniques from time to time.