BW Child Sexual Exploitation Statement

Bateworld takes issues surrounding child sexual exploitation extremely seriously.  As a website and community for consenting adults only, we believe child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation materials to be abhorrent and in direct and clear violation of Bateworld’s governing terms of service. Users exhibiting such materials or engaging in such discussion (either overtly, or through coded language) anywhere on this site, will have their accounts reviewed and permanently removed if they are found to be in violation of the Bateworld TOS. Users whose accounts are permanently removed will be banned from accessing Bateworld in the future.  

We understand that in discussions of past lived experience, there may be mentions of memories or events that took place before a user was of the age of consent. It is important to distinguish these lived experiences of an individual from descriptions or depictions of sexual situations involving other minors. It is also important to bear in mind that what is being described are actual crimes committed against real people. They should not be fetishized or encouraged. Descriptions, depictions, or allusions to present day events endangering children will be reported to appropriate authorities in addition to the permanent removal of the accounts of any users involved. 

Media (like photos, images, and audio files) depicting or suggesting the involvement of minors in any sexual or quasi sexual situations will be removed immediately upon discovery. Again, such media depicts crimes committed against children and will never have a knowing home within this community. 

While we strive to take every reasonable step toward keeping Bateworld free from any and all child sexual exploitation material, we also rely on our members to help us safeguard this diverse community. We encourage users to report suspected violations of our TOS using the REPORT function on all video and image pages, and/or by contacting site administrators directly [[email protected]]. If you are unsure if a discussion, poll, forum post, or media file crosses a line, report it immediately anyway for Bateworld staff to review. 

The most up to date and recent Bateworld Terms of Service are always available for your review, and we welcome questions or suggestions about how to make this space safer for everyone.