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Simply put, masturbation is an act of self-pleasure that involves touching, rubbing, and in general, playing with your genitals. It’s a healthy way for people to explore their bodies and find more about their sexuality, desires, and what works best for them.

Mutual masturbation involves masturbating alongside other people who can be your friends, partners, or even strangers. Mutual masturbation is an excellent way for people to discover new things and spice up their wanking sessions.

There are many ways and methods you can use to make your wanking sessions a bit spicier. Things like sex toys, lubricants, or other people are all things you should consider incorporating into your routine.

Masturbation, as well as having an orgasm, can significantly lower your stress levels. On top of that, the risk of catching an STD is non-existent, and it can even help you fall asleep a bit easier than usual.

The best thing about improving your masturbation sessions is that the sky is the limit. As long as you’re creative and innovative, you’ll find a way to heighten your sessions to a whole new level. Start by incorporating sex toys.

The most essential element to a good session is to relax and forget about your worries for the remainder of the session. Stress can be quite a buzzkill, and it’s something that will significantly downgrade your enjoyment.

There is no right way to masturbate. The important thing is to do whatever makes you feel good, horny, and eager to blast a load. Experiment with your body, and you’ll find the right buttons to push in no time.

The answer to this question varies depending on one’s individual preferences. Some guys masturbate multiple times a day, whereas others do it a couple of times a week. It all comes down to what you like and how horny you are at any given moment.

The vast majority of men masturbate because it feels good. As mentioned, masturbation is an excellent gateway to stress relief, and intense orgasms will make you feel better in general, no matter how good or bad your day is going.

The most common technique many men use is called the “start-stop technique.” As the name suggests, the concept is pretty simple – you should stop masturbating just before you climax and continue after a minute or two. There are also certain products that can prolong your sessions.

Milking refers to the action of massaging one’s prostate until it produces a thin, milky fluid. Since the prostate is one of the most sensitive male erogenous zones, milking is quite popular in gay and bi circles

Frot is a sexual activity that involves direct penis-to-penis contact. It usually refers to rubbing your own penis against another and creating pleasurable friction against the frenulum nerve, which is one of the most sensitive male erogenous zones.

Rubbing your penis against another penis to create sexual sensations is considered frottage or frotting. Many enthusiasts consider this more affectionate than anal sex, especially people who are looking for safe sex alternatives to anal penetration.

A solosexual refers to an individual who prefers masturbation over intercourse. This does not mean they are opposed to having sex or, in some way, unable to have sex. Some solosexuals do enjoy intercourse, but they prefer solo plays.

Poppers is a slang term, given to a chemical compound that is supposed to be inhaled to drive one’s sexual pleasure. Poppers can make you feel horny, intensify your orgasms, and relax your anal muscles. However, there are some side-effects that should be considered.

In a way, they do. However, some people have experienced severe dizziness followed by intense headaches, so the best way to be safe about it is to consult your physician before taking poppers.

A cock ring is a ring typically worn at the base of the penis. Its primary purpose is to prevent blood flow in order to produce a more intense erection or maintain it for longer.

Cock rings are foreseen to heighten one’s experience and will, therefore, definitely enhance your masturbation sessions. On top of that, cock rings are designed to maintain and prolong your erection.

There is no single rule that will teach you how to jerk off. It all comes down to what you want and what causes the best feeling and sensation in that particular moment.

You can incorporate many things into your masturbation sessions to make the whole sensation feel much better. For example, using a masturbator or a battery-powered sex toy is one way to make it feel significantly better. Another idea is to resort to mutual masturbation.

Masturbation doesn’t have any particularly dangerous side effects, but too much of it can lower your productivity by making you miss work, school, or social events. Some studies suggest there is a danger of becoming addicted to masturbation.

There aren’t many rules involved in jerking off other than making sure your hands are clean. Hygiene and cleanliness should be your priority, and on top of that, we would recommend using some form of lubricants.

It’s on you to experiment and find the techniques that suit your style the most. Whether it has to do with utilizing sex toys or perhaps inviting your partner to a nice masturbation session, it’s on you to create the perfect ambiance.

You can use several techniques to prolong your wanking session. For instance, the “start-stop” method is one of the easiest, but you can also resort to using cock rings and enriching your sessions with some sex toys.

Most guys jerk off because it’s an excellent way of dealing with stress and daily issues. It’s also a great mental exercise that allows you to shut down everything around you and enjoy the moment.

A jerkmate is an individual who shares their special moments with other people. In simpler terms, a jerkmate is a person with whom you masturbate and share your experience and passion-riddled moments.

BateWorld is, hands down, one of the best gay, bi, and straight cam to cam video chat platform for amateurs. We have an awesome community of devoted enthusiasts who are eager to share their passion with other members.

If you’re new to the scene or are perhaps interested in finding like-minded people, BateWorld is your safest and best option.

Many guys have tried mutual masturbation at least once in their life. Consequently, there are many friends who like to cum together since it’s a unique and pretty hot experience in and of itself.

A lot of guys, including all members of our community, love cumming together. It’s somewhat of a bonding experience, and more importantly, it allows you to experiment with your sexuality, desires, and even pick up new techniques from time to time.

Most Popular FAQ’s

You can update your email address by sending an email to [email protected] from your current email address that you log in with right now with a request to change your email. Please include the new email address. You will be notified when the change has taken place.

Click on notifications. In the pop-up box click on the X to the left of the notification that you would like to delete. Do not move on to anything else until the notifications box in the upper right hand corner has gone down numerically.
Having a lot of chats open will slow down the site for you. Go through your list of whom you have open chats and close all that you can. It will make a big difference in your page load time and in chat responsiveness. Just click on the X next to the name. If you’re on mobile go to Chat under messages and you can close the tabs there.
Click on the … in the blue chat line, then scroll down to the setting that will turn off the sound.
Go to your MyProfile tab then down to MyPhotos. Add the photo to one of your albums if it is not there already. Choose the album where the photo is located and click on “Edit”.To the right of every photo is a box. On the bottom line of every box there is a line that says “Make Profile Photo”. Click on that line.
To Deactivate your profile go to your MYPROFILE tab, then down to ACCOUNTSETTINGS.There you will click on the Deactivate tab and click on Deactivate. If you want to reactivate your profile, click on “Forgot Password” on the Log in page and put in your email profile name. You will be notified when you are able to Log in again. Deactivating your profile will not stop recurring billing of your subscription if that is the type of subscription you have.You must contact cs.segpay.com or CCBill.com to stop recurring billing.
You will need contact SegPay.com or CCBill.com directly for all Billing requests. You will know which company to contact by looking at your charge or the confirmation email you received immediately following your purchase. SegPay will show up as SegPay.com*bwe, CCBill as CCBill.com*bwe .
Green dots means that that member is online. Gold dots means the person is a premium member. This lets you know that you can meet them in vidchat if you want.

Dating Advice

BateWorld is a great place to meet men for friendship, dating and fun and it is our hope that your experiences with other members will be fun and fulfilling.Because every encounter may not be friendly and safe, we encourage you to always use caution and common sense when using BateWorld, especially when meeting anyone in person.Please read through these important safety tips. READ MORE

Site Navigation

Premium members can post video introductions to their profiles. Videos should be no more than two minutes in length and can be viewed by other Premium and Basic members.

You will first need to record a video and upload it from your desktop or mobile device. Post the video to your profile by clicking on the link CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD VIDEO. You can also post or update your video introduction by selecting My Profile/Change Intro Video.

We URGE you to use bateworld.com to access BateWorld with no www.
We highly recommends either Chrome (Google) for use with BateWorld. While other browsers may work for the most part, there could be compatibility issues. There are many issues with Firefox, the AOL client and MS Internet Explorer.

To add photos, videos, groups, etc., go to My Profile in the menu bar above, and select which option you wish to add from the drop-down menu. In order to browse a video from your computer, you must create a title for the video FIRST! Please, copyrighted material, and no images of oral or anal insertion. 5 minute/70MB limits on videos.

To view photos, videos, groups, etc. from other site members, go to Community or Media in the menu bar above, and select which option you wish to view from the drop-down menu.

To add photos you must first create an album and then add photos to it.

For help with creating videos and uploading them to BateWorld, please visit our Public Forum on the topic: Videos – Discussion and Tips

The Instant Message feature is located at the bottom right of your screen when you are logged into the site, labeled IM.

To see who’s available to chat, click on the IM tab and a popup list will appear. To send a message, click on the member’s name and a dialog box will appear. Type your message and press the return key on your keyboard.

If you are logged into the site and you receive a new Instant Message, a flashing tab will appear in the white bar at the bottom of your screen.

To change your status to Online, Offline, or Away, click on the Person Icon at the far right of the white bar at the bottom of your screen and select an option from the drop-down menu. You may also check whether you want a sound to play when you receive a new Instant Message.

Only Premium members and new members with a 7 day trial period have access to videos, or may create groups, and blogs. If you are one of these people and still can’t view them, please contact us.

You can add videos to a group through the Photos tab. We are currently working to include a videos tab.
You have the option to set your own or other member’s music to play automatically (or not) when the profile is opened. To change the music player settings, go to the main menu and choose My Profile/My Music. Click on Music Settings and choose the settings you want.
PHANTOM MESSAGES Due to a recent server error, some people may have notices for messages and friend requests that were never received. To remove these notices from your list, click on the red Updates rectangle. In the list that appears, you can click on the X to the LEFT of the notice to remove it. Clicking on the X in the upper right of the list will not delete the notification. Be sure to click and open EVERY message that you get no matter how short or it will keep showing up as new.
You can see other members who are online and available but you can not see yourself. This is just how Social Engine works.
What is a Phantom or Ghost notification?The “New Update” icon shows up on the upper right corner of your screen. One or more “Friend Requests” show up but when you click on it, there are no new Friend Requests. Click on the “New Updates” icon.Click the X next to the Phantom notification (on the left) and that should solve the problem.Just clicking on the X on the right side of the New Update will not affect the items inside and they will show up again next time you log on or when you get a new message, Friend Request, etc. For more information, please review the Site Related Issues Forum entry: Phantom Notification Topic
All videos require site administrator review and approval before becoming publicly available. While we try to do this throughout the day, it can take up to 24-hours.
If Lion users are having trouble getting their cam to work in the Video Chat room, follow these instructions:
1. Close all browsers and go to System Preferences/Flash Player (under “other”)
2. Click on 2nd tab “Camera and Mic”
3. Click button “Camera and Microphone settings by site…”
4. Click the + and manually type in “bateworld.com” in the domain box
5. Click the permission drop-down list and select “Allow”
6. Click “Add”
7. Click “Close” and close out of preferences.
8. Restart browsers

You may need to also repeat the process and add a www.bateworld.com in case yours requires the www.

To Create a Poll, go to the My Profile tab, then down to My Polls. Fill in the fields and follow the instructions.
To Create a forum topic go to your MyProfile tab, then go down to MyForums.Enter an appropriate forum then click on Post New Topic in the upper right hand corner.
Now you can make it disappear. Go to your MyProfile tab, then down to PrivacySettings. At the bottom of the page will be a box to check. Then check the Save Changes button.
Once you click on their name and you see the small profile box, there will be a small down arrow in the bottom right hand corner. Click on that, it will drop down to give you some choices. One of them is Profile, which will give you a pop up of that member’s full profile.
In order to start a group, your profile must have premium member status. If your premium membership expires, you may still access your own groups in order to maintain them. You will not be able to start any other groups until your premium membership status has been reinstated.
This can happen if you navigate away from Vidchat without clicking “Exit Vidchat” first.It will clear by itself after a while or you can amend your user name by adding a 1 or a zero to the end of your user name, then go to VidChat.VidChat seems to work best when you choose the option to click on “Open Video Chat In Popup”. Then when you want to stay on vidchat but do something else in BateWorld you can go between browser pages.
Go to your MyProfile tab, then down to AccountSettings. There you will have the ability to do many things along with changing your user name.Just make the change and click Save at the bottom of the page. If that name is available it will save. If the new name is not available it will not save the change and you can try another name.
Go to your Community Tab, then down to Members, on the left of that page there is a search engine. You may also put any specific criteria you may want to use in the white search box at the top left hand corner of every page.
Members who don’t want their photo and video content to display in the What’s Hot column on the home page can opt out by changing their profile’s privacy settings. Go to Main Menu/My Profile/Privacy Settings and click on “Don’t display my photos or videos in What’s Hot listings.”
Increasing your light in your room will help speed up the frame rate.
Any room with no activity for one week will be automatically deleted.
Go to your MyProfile Tab, then go to the MyGroups dropdown. At the top of the MyGroups page you can click on Create a Group.
Yes there may be. Contact [email protected] with the profile’s information.
Go to your Community tab, then click on Friends.You can delete by clicking on the box to the left of each picture, then clicking on delete at the bottom.
Click on your MY PROFILE tab then go down to ACCOUNT SETTINGS. There you click on the CHANGE PASSWORD tab. Fill in the blanks and then Click on the Save Changes button.
Depictions of women of any kind are only allowed in Private Albums and absolutely nowhere else on BateWorld.
There are instructions at this link to control the Chrome Pop UPs: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?hl=en
Click on Contact Us at the bottom of any page. Send all pertinent information.
No activity after 5 minutes will change your status to Busy, then after 7 1/2 minutes it will change to Offline.


Video Chat is available as a Premium feature for paid BateWorld members. It can be found under the Main Menu/Community drop-down menu at the top of the page. To enter a room click on one of the categories such as Main Room and press the Join button at the bottom left of the window. Once you are in the room…READ MORE

Your Account

If you have paid for a Premium Membership but you don’t have Premium Access within 1/2 hr after your purchase, please let us know at [email protected] and we will activate your membership as soon as possible.

If you are a member of BateWorld who joined before October 15, 2010, and this is your first time logging in to BateWorld2.0, you will need to set up a new profile by completing the sign-up process.

Everyone who signs in for the first time will be given a free 7 day trial period to check out all the features of the site before their account reverts to a free Basic membership.

Existing Premium memberships will be honored, but please remember to check the box during sign-up to alert us that you’ve completed a new profile. If you are an existing Premium member who is signing in to BateWorld2.0 for the first time, please use the same email address you used on the previous BateWorld site. Otherwise we may be unable to verify your Premium status.

For more information please see the listings for “How do I set up a new profile?” and “Where’s my stuff?”


If you can’t login, check to make sure that your “caps lock” key is off. Your password is CaSeSeNsItIvE. If you still cannot log in, you can request to reset your password or contact us.

Prior to processing a profile deletion, be sure to remove the profile picture, either read or delete all unread mail, reject all incoming friend requests and cancel all outgoing friend requests.

If you wish to delete your account Go to the My Profile Tab, then down to Account Settings. Click on the Deactivate Profile tab and confirm the deactivation.

Please note… you can effectively disable/delete your own account/profile by CLEARING it.

To update your profile, you must visit the Edit Profile page. You can move through the different parts of your profile by clicking the tabs at the top of the page.You must have your month day and year of birth added in order to change your profile.
You can update your email address by sending an email to [email protected] from your current email address that you log in with right now with a request to change your email. Please include the new email address. You will be notified when the change has taken place.
To report an error or problem with the site, you can contact us here.
If you are a member of BateWorld who joined before October 15, 2010, and this is your first time logging in to this new version of the site, you will need to set up a new profile by completing the signup process.

For anyone who is signing in for the first time, click on the Signup link on the right side of the black menu bar above, then fill in the information required.

Please remember that usernames are CaSeSeNsItIvE and must be alphanumeric. No spaces, dashes, hyphens, etc. are accepted. Some members from the old site will be required to create variations on their username if it included spaces, hyphens, or dashes, or if it has already been taken by another member.

Everyone who signs in for the first time will be given a free 7 day trial period to check out all the features of the site before their account reverts to a free Basic membership.

Existing Premium memberships will be honored, but please remember to check the box during signup to alert us that you’ve signed in to the new site. If you are an existing Premium member who is signing in for the first time, please use the same email address you used on the previous BateWorld site. Otherwise we may be unable to verify your Premium status.

If you are a member of BateWorld who joined before October 15, 2010, you will have to set up a new profile by completing the signup process.

Once you have logged in to the site, you will be able to complete your profile. No photos, videos, groups, forums or comments from the original version of BateWorld have carried over to this new site, so you will need to add your content again.

To add photos, videos, groups, etc., go to My Profile in the menu bar above, and select which option you wish to add from the drop-down menu.

To view photos, videos, groups, etc. from other site members, go to Community or Media in the menu bar above, and select which option you wish to view from the drop-down menu.

Email verifications are sent out the same day by an automated system. Many people don’t receive a verification email because the email address they entered was misspelled, but occasionally there is a glitch in the system and a verification isn’t sent out. Please click on “contact us” at the bottom of this page to report the problem and we can manually verify your account.
You can determine which email notifications you receive by going to My Profile/Account Settings in the Main Menu. You will find a list of options to select which notifications you want to receive.

You may request to be friends with someone. To do this:

  • Go to their profile
  • Click on the “Add To My Friends” text under their profile picture
  • You must wait for them to accept your friends request.
  • You may wish to send a message to the person to smooth they way. There are many people that won’t add you as a friend that don’t know you in someway from the BateWorld site.Note: If you have no Friends tab in your profile, you likely have no friends yet. As soon as one of your friend requests is accepted, a Friends tab will immediately appear with your first friend in your profile view.
To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly appear as either SegPay.com*BWE or CCBill.com*BWE on your credit card or bank statement.

Contact Us

Premium members can block other users in the Account Settings page. If someone is harassing you, please report them to an administrator here.
You can report spam, pornography, or any other inappropriate content here, or by clicking the “Report” link on the page containing the content you wish to report.
We have a strict NO PHISHING policy.

While we do everything possible to keep BateWorld a safe place to spend time online, it’s important for our members to be vigilant about scammers and others who want to trick you into buying something from them. Anyone with something to sell may do so through the Community or Events pages, or through legitimate ads posted on this site. Otherwise, we consider it phishing and we will ban them.

If you encounter anyone with a private profile using this site to lure you into providing credit card information, please contact us immediately and report the member’s profile name to us. Always use ordinary caution and discretion when providing any sensitive information to strangers. We cannot be held responsible for transactions made without our consent.

Stealing photos has become more common recently and we are determined to stamp it out. If someone has stolen your photo then we will delete the photo and/or the account of the bad member. The quickest way for us to determine that you are who you say you are is for you to take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with your email address on it. If you attach this when you email [email protected] then we can take swift action.


Absolutely. We do not share any personally identifying information about you to any third party.
Premium members can make your profile private by visiting the Account Privacy page.
Premium members can block people by adding the username to your blocked users list. Visit the Account Settings page to learn more about how to block people.

BateWorld Rules and Information

The following is a list of guidelines to follow regarding content on BateWorld. This list is not comprehensive and we expect all of our members to use common sense and basic courtesy toward the site and other BateWorld members. READ MORE

BateWorld is a fun Adult Social Networking Community. Please act appropriately.

These general Guidelines cover all areas of Bateworld: profiles, messages, groups and forum discussions, IM, chats, video chats, etc.

  • Members will be respectful to each other, moderators and administrators at all times (see below).
  • BateWorld Management reserves the right to make determinations on what behaviors inappropriate.
  • No always means NO.
  • No answer or being “ignored” by another member is an “implied no” on BateWorld. Blocking is available to Premium Members.
  • No “FLAMING” of other members at any time(Flaming, also known as bashing, is hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. )
  • Different people communicate in different ways, please be tolerant first and defensive last.

Members who have any concerns may contact BateWorld Administrators here: here

Note: Generally speaking, you’ll be dealing with one of our staff made up of the administrator or one of the two owners We also have a small number of photo, group, forum and video moderator who assist. This helps us keep policies, etc. in our community consistent. This is a very small group of dedicated individuals who do their very best to be extremely responsive to our members. We can assure you that do not have tech support in some “cheap labor” country. When you email us, WE get the email!SO…It behooves members to be polite, respectful and responsive to our staff (and to other members). Remember that we can see everything on BateWorld when we need to.While we realize that the Internet and technology can be frustrating, remember some things are out of our control (or at least our immediate control) and that we’re ALL real people behind the scenes of BateWorld trying out best to bring you a unique community. We certainly don’t take kindly to being treated negatively and will not stand for harassment of OUR community members.

Other than masturbation, User Names can not represent(this is not all-inclusive):

  • any sexual acts
  • any form of penetration or insertive sexual activity
  • anal penetration
  • vaginal sex
  • bareback(bb) sex
  • oral sex
  • skat/scat
  • blood fetishes
  • water sports (WS)
  • perv/pervertLimitations also include:
  • foul language (USA)
  • references to words that have negative or derogatory meaning toward any group, race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. as determined by BateWorld Management.
  • Names that are derogatory about certain body attributes (Fat, ugly, fag/faggot, lessie, lesbo, etc).
  • Words such was whore, slut, cum nut, hungry hole, etc. that invoke images of sexual intercourse versus masturbation.

Words do take on different meanings over time and in different parts of the world and in different cultures and may be added to the list.

  • BateWorld may change a user name without notice while final determination is being made.
  • Users may provide their opinion on their user name desire for consideration to BateWorld. here
  • BateWorld Management reserves the right to make final determination on appropriate user names as well as profile, forum and group contents, comments, etc. See also the list of unacceptable words, terms phrases FAQ – applies to all user names
This is a list of unacceptable words or phrases but it is by NOT SPECIFICALLY ALL INCLUSIVE (and in no particular order):

  • pedo
  • pedophile
  • incest
  • open minded, open-minded, openminded (only in the context of taboo sex, not in terms of, say, musical taste or something else)
  • k9 or k-9
  • no limits
  • scat
  • bb
  • bareback
  • taboo

BateWorld always reserves the right to add to this list and to make final determination on what terms, words, phrases it considers inappropriate and they may or may not be included in this list.

BateWorld does not condone or endorse any behavior represented on this site. Please use ordinary caution when engaging in any activity which puts you at risk. All members are expected to abide by all applicable laws and be healthy enough to engage in sexual behavior without risk to their health. Members assume responsibility for their own actions without liability to BateWorld, BWE, its owners, employees, administrators, moderators, monitors, or affiliates.

For erotic entertainment purposes, BateWorld contains content depicting public nudity and masturbation, but we do not condone this behavior. Public displays of masturbation are illegal and violations of social and ethical conduct which may result in serious penalties, including registration as a sex offender. BateWorld is not responsible for the public behavior of our members.

Membership Options

Basic membership to BateWorld is free to all men over 18 years of age. It includes the following features: READ MORE

Premium membership provides access to all features on the site. Click to view all features.

See Billing Options for more details.

Premium membership provides access to all features of the site including: READ MORE

New members to the site receive 7 days of free and unlimited access to all of the Premium features of BateWorld. After 7 days the profile becomes a Basic membership, with free but limited access.
90 Days Nonrecurring Billing for $25.00 USD

90 Days Recurring Billing for $21.00 USD

180 Days Nonrecurring Billing for $45.00 USD

365 Days Nonrecurring or Recurring Billing for $60.00 USD

We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover cards and electronic check payments online through SegPay and CCBill. We also accept cash, check or money order payments by mail. PayPal and Western Union are also accepted. Please contact [email protected] for details.

To accommodate members who are unable to afford the cost of full membership, we offer a limited number of free Premium memberships for 90 day periods. This option is only for people who really need it. To be put on our waiting list, please write to us at [email protected]

BateWorld offers the option to sponsor your friends with full paid memberships. We know that not everyone can afford the cost of Premium access to this site, and we encourage our members to consider the Helping Hand program.

You can sponsor an individual member or members of your choice, or you can contribute to help out someone on our growing waiting list of people who’ve requested assistance. The billing and payment options are the same as regular Premium memberships, but you choose the person you want to sponsor. Your contributions may be made anonymously if you wish.


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