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The idea of sharing your masturbation session with another guy, and even giving him a hand might not be too attractive, especially if you’re a straight man. However, you would be surprised by how many straight, bi-curious, and gay men enjoy the wonders of male mutual masturbation, and judging by their testimonials, it’s one of the best NSFW experiments they’ve ever conducted.

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At BateWorld, we aim to bring together a community of people who love jerking off and enjoy sharing their experiences with other members. Our members can watch videos, participate in conversations on our forum, read our blog, message other members, and much more! Our premium membership involves perks such as access to video chat rooms, IM video chats, favorites, private notes, and more. Every new member gets a 7-day trial of our premium package, which allows you to look into our premium features before you subscribe.

The question that usually lingers around this subject is whether this particular kink is considered gay or is it something straight men can enjoy too, without having to think about their sexuality. The shortest and most straightforward answer to this question is – no, mutual masturbation is not a gay-only activity.


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The Ultimate Form of Male Bonding

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Many men have said that mutual masturbation is an excellent idea if you’re looking to explore your sexuality and create a strong, non-sexual bond with another guy. Of course, there are variations of this idea, including jerking off another guy while he’s beating your meat, which is kind of far from being non-sexual, even though there is no penetration or oral sex involved.

With that being said, the only way you can figure out whether mutual jerk off sessions are your cup of tea is to go ahead and try it. Don’t hesitate to take a look into some of our video chat rooms and interact with other members to get a general idea of how these sessions work.

If you’re already an avid fan of mutual masturbation, our website is a treasure waiting to be explored. Whether you’re into watching videos, chatting with other like-minded men, or just want to read our blog – BateWorld has you covered!

Exploring Your Sexuality Helps Your Personality

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Rather than jumping on one of the popular (mostly gay) dating apps and risking meeting up with a questionable dude, BateWorld provides you with a real sense of community where guys share their experiences and try to learn from each other’s adventures.

If you’re in the process of exploring your sexuality and are looking for new, exciting ways of playing with yourself, making a few buddies along the way is much better than going for the first guy who swept right. On the other hand, if you’re already an established avid fan of mutual masturbation, welcome!

Become a member of our community today, and we promise you’ll find a bunch of like-minded people who are more than willing to share their experiences and lend you a hand in case you get lost!


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