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Most straight guys would say that the idea of sharing a masturbation session with another guy (and even giving him a hand) isn’t the most exciting thing they can picture. But studies have shown that reported sexual orientation has little to do with sexual and masturbatory fantasies, and an overwhelming number of straight men have at least thought about what another penis might be like.

Male masturbation Naked Man
And a surprising number of straight, bi-curious, and gay men have lived out those fantasies about shared mutual male masturbation every day. The thing about masturbation is that it is entirely free from orientation. Masturbating with or in front of another man doesn’t make somebody gay. It just means they understand male masturbation.

Leaving behind strict rules about what’s considered straight and what’s considered gay, offers men a chance to enjoy things, explore their pleasure, and connect with others in a profound and sometimes intimate way. It’s the reason the idea of fraternity inhabits spaces like Bateworld so strongly. Mutual male masturbation is not a gay thing – it’s just a male thing.


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The Ultimate Form of Male Bonding

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Male bonding connected to nonsexual nudity and all male masturbation has been connected with various societies and tribal civilizations for centuries. And that’s not by accident. Many modern men have reported that mutual masturbation is an incredible way to explore your own sexuiality and to create strong, validating bonds with other men. It reduces fear and competitiveness among men and facilitates a kind of teammate camaraderie that can extend well beyond the locker room or your buddy’s couch after a few too many on a late night.

That said, the only way to figure out whether mutual jerk off sessions are your cup of tea is to try it for yourself. Bateworld is a safe environment where your sexual orientation won’t define you and where members are constantly exploring what it means to bate and connect with others just like them.

If you’re already a fan of mutual masturbation, Bateworld is a treasure trove waiting to be explored! Watch videos, chat with like-minded dudes, and read our blog for insight into the penis pleasure of your bator bros.

Exploring Your Sexuality Helps Your Personality

Sexuality Help Spersonality
Bateworld is a fantastic alternative to the world of dating apps particularly for those who don’t fit into exclusively gay or straight spaces). Instead of a risky meet up with a questionable dude, grab a sense of community in a safe space where guys share their experiences and learn from the adventures of others.

Exploring one’s sexualtiy can be a long process, and nothing makes that process easier like buddies who understand and can offer support and advice. It sure beats simply hoping the next guy to message you on the apps is gonna be the bate bud you’re in search of.

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