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Having a go-to online place where you can share your experiences, knowledge, and masturbation methods is fantastic. However, many of these online communities are filled with individuals who aren’t keen on being civil, and that kind of behavior can quickly turn a great place into a toxic swamp, especially if moderation is lacking. If you haven’t had luck in finding a jerk off forum to share your kinky endeavors, we have a solution!

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BateWorld is an excellent platform filled with avid fans of jacking off, who love sharing their techniques, stories, and fantasies with like-minded individuals. Our members can chat, post pictures, join groups, and much more. Once you go premium, you will unlock a bunch of new perks, such as video chat rooms, private notes, video introductions, and you’ll be granted access to every corner of our website.


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The best thing about our male masturbation forum is that it’s available to both basic and premium members. This allows you to share and exchange your experiences and fantasies without having to worry about a hidden paywall.

Apart from it being free for all, our jack off forum is a massive archive of different experiences shared by hundreds of our members. Explore every corner of our masturbation forums, and we guarantee you’ll find enormous amounts of new information about other people’s techniques, methods, and fantasies. Apply these new things to your own jack off sessions, and rest assured you’ll find an entirely new world of super-hot, intense orgasms.

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Now, while our gay masturbation forum is centered around horniness and intense orgasms, that doesn’t mean it’s the only subject people talk about. Instead, many people share their own stories of how they got where they are today, and many of our members said that this particular concept helped them understand their own sexuality better. While you may think you know everything about yourself, you would be surprised by the number of little things tied to your own sexuality you didn’t even know existed.

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Become our member today, and share your own experiences and fantasies with like-minded people! Don’t hesitate to check out our forum, video galleries, and chat rooms – you won’t regret it!


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