Bateworld is the premier online community celebrating male masturbation and body positivity. has been bringing together members from all over the world for more than a decade to discuss and celebrate masturbation in a stigma-free environment. At the root of most men’s understanding of their bodies, genitals, and sexual experience are harmful tropes and shame-inducing myths which are easily traced back to common tenants of toxic masculinity. Even cultural touchstones or religious practices can foster and reinforce negative beliefs and views about the realities of penis ownership.

Equally toxic and objectively harmful for men seeking information and deeper understanding about their bodies are the myriad of online communities and forums espousing abstinence and self denial as paths to everything from overall “virility” to superhuman gym gains. The literature and ideology backing these claims up is often fraught with pseudoscience and magical thinking. This can lead devotees down an increasingly negative path riddled with perceived failures of will and feelings of shame or sadness for having what are biologically natural thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

We believe (and medical science has long agreed) that masturbation is a normal and healthy part of being human and having a body. There is nothing inherently harmful or shameful about sex, nor is there anything immoral or embarrassing about understanding your own body and seeing it as something to celebrate. Bateworld is proud to provide a safe space for men of all ages, body types, sexual orientations, and races to share their experiences and make exciting new connections.

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We are happy to offer informed opinion and expertise on a variety of subjects related to our community, including:

  • Male masturbation’s broader historical context
  • Ways in which male masturbation is unique
  • The rise of (and harm caused by) anti-masturbation and abstinence groups
  • The near universal agreement by medical professionals and science that masturbation is normal, healthy, and safe
  • Myths about sex additiction, penis size, virility, and sexual orientation
  • The history and enduring tradition of group masturbation and jack off clubs for men

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Bateworld and Masturbation

Nope. Bateworld members come in a variety of orientations and self identifications. Guys who self ID as Straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and solosexual men make up our diverse community, with no group taking the lead at any one time.. We’re not here to pass judgement or declare “these activities are only for these people.” We’re here to provide an environment where guys can feel free to be themselves, in whatever way feels most comfortable for them.

They absolutely do! Bateworld is the home of one of the largest listings of global jack off clubs and groups worldwide. We’re so happy to be able to connect our members to local meetups and jack off clubs and believe that consensual group masturbation is just as healthy and enjoyable as solo play.

A resounding “no.”

While some with an agenda might suggest that restraint is needed or that it’s possible to masturbate “too much,” our collective lifetimes of experience (as well as lots of talks with doctors, researchers, and sexuality experts) say about masturbation, “if it feels good, it’s probably fine.” Aside from the risk of occasional friction burn, it isn’t really possible to cause yourself harm by masturbating. You won’t grow hair on your palms, reduce your virility, lower your testosterone, or make god angry, as a result of this totally normal bodily process.

Bateworld is about male masturbation. We try to encourage users to connect over lived experience, advice and practical tips, and shared, live mutual masturbation facilitated by video chat and instant message. But the Bateworld forums also allow members to connect and share their thoughts on a variety of topics and ideas unrelated to masturbation, as long as they stay in line with our Community Guidelines and discussion remains respectful.

We believe that it is. The idea that “real” sex must necessarily involve penetration (either vaginally or anally), is heteronormative baggage that doesn’t really bear out if you think about it long enough. It also doesn’t account for all the sex we’ve had that didn’t require a pole going into a hole.

Talking about it like food, a meal is still a meal whether you eat it on a date, in a group at a busy restaurant, or cook up something special for yourself at home, isn’t it?

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