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Bringing your masturbation sessions to a whole new level means you ought to incorporate male sex toys and lubes into the equation. While there are dozens, if not hundreds of jerk off techniques out there that don’t require you to own a sex toy, using toys while masturbating is an order of magnitude more interesting as opposed to not using anything.

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How Do Sex Toys for Men Help?

The global adult toy industry is worth well over $20b, so it’s safe to assume that there are countless male toys available at your disposal, and it’s almost guaranteed that some of them will improve your wanking sessions significantly.

If you’re wondering what type of sex toy you should be looking for, here are a few examples:


Cock rings

Prostate massagers

Prostate massagers

Blowjob strokers

Blowjob strokers

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps

Flesh lights

Fleshlights/ Fleshjacks

Always Use Lubricants!

Many guys who have no experience with these devices fail to realize the importance of using lube. It’s important to be aware of the significance of lube because masturbating without using them is a missed opportunity. Silicone and oil-based lubes are recommended for jerking off since water-based lubricants dry quickly.

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