For some bators, bringing masturbation sessions to a whole new level means incorporating male sex toys and lubes. In the last ten years a wide variety of male masturbation tools and sex toys designed specifically for people with penises have come on to the market and have amplified the bate of more than a few adventurous guys.

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How Do Sex Toys for Men Help?

The global adult toy industry tops $20b annually, so it’s safe to assume there are countless male toys and masturbators available. It’s almost certain that a few of them will improve your solo wanking sessions significantly.

Wondering where to start? Here’s a few categories of popular male masturbation toys:

Use Lube!

Guys new to the toy experience often don’t realize the importance of using quality lube when diving in for the first time. Not only will it help to reduce friction and add texture and sensation to a synthetic toy, it’s important to keeping the toy functioning correctly for many bates to come.

Matching your lube to the type of toy you’re using is extremely important, since silicone and oil based lubes can damage or destroy rubber and silicone toys. Always follow the manufacturer’s advice about what type of penis grease is right for what kind of toy. Water based lube is often the best choice because it is chemically inert and won’t harm porus toy materials or irritate skin.

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There are many types of male sex toys. From penis masturbators like fleshlights and penis sleeves, to anal plugs and cock rings.

The best male sex toys are Fleshlights, cock rings, and anal plugs such as Aneros.

Sex toys for men can be used many different ways for your penis pleasure. Fleshlights are fun as they come with attachments to stick to the floor or the wall so you can pump into them. Cock rings are rubber rings you put on your penis and balls to stay harder longer and to help edge.

You can clean you male sex toy various ways. Depending on the material, soap and water does the trick.

Albolene, Astroglybe, Coconut oil, Water based lubes, oil, lotion.

Most male masturbators should be used using water based lubes. This keeps the toy intact and doesn’t cause damage to the material.

The best lube for men for masturbation is oil based lubes such a Albolene.

Men like lube because it keeps the penis slick and give a nice gliding sensation while masturbating

Lube feels great and makes the experience more fun. It’s also good for the penis and helps avoid irritation caused by friction.

The purpose of a cock ring is to keep the blood flow in your penis to create an even harder more engorged package. This way the feeling while you masturbate is all the more intensified.

There are many lubes from water based, oil based, silicone lubes, and many more. Find one that works for you. Add a little amount to your penis and gradually add more if you prefer a slicker form. Jerk off as usual.