This member knows of no sites remotely similar. BateWorld is in a class by itself. If one can’t make a connection here, it’s doubtful they could make a connection anywhere. For the value of its premium section: It is the steal of the century. For it’s free section: It’s STILL the steal of the century.


You guys provide much more than a killer website. You guys provide a safe place for self discovery and exploration without any attached stigma. This is a safe place for curious or questioning guys to come and figure out. There’s more of us out here seeking a safe place to come out than you know.


Since discovering the beauty of BateWorld I feel like I have found a candy store of magnificent men who share my lust for self-loving and bating pleasure. I’ve received a lot of encouraging and very nice messages from guys around the globe.


You have a really GREAT site here and the guys on here are some of the BEST guys EVER!! I have been a member of other “Men Only” sites before but this one has a genuine camaraderie that I have not experienced anywhere else!!


Bateworld has been a great source for bate inspiration and the finding of great friends that bate as well. It just give an outlet to freely masturbate, without shame. Bateworld changed my life so much since I became a proud bator. I joined BW in 2009.