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Masturbation is one of the best activities for both your body and mind. Guys love jacking off because it allows them to clear their thoughts and go on with their day happy and fulfilled. Some people enjoy watching other guys masturbate, and if you’re one of those avid fans of male masturbation videos, you’re in the right place!

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At BateWorld, we aim to bring together like-minded guys who are passionate about jerking off, sharing their experiences, and on top of that – sharing their knowledge and techniques. Members of our community can chat with other members, post photos, videos, read blogs, join groups, and much more. Our premium members can keep private notes, choose their favorites, initiate video chats, and hang out with guys from all over the world. Every new member gets a 7-day premium trial membership, which is foreseen to give you a better idea of what to expect if you opt to subscribe.


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Masturbation Video Chat for Horny Studs

It’s no secret that watching another guy while he’s caressing his tool can be quite an exciting thing. In fact, no matter what your sexual preferences are, we strongly recommend that you try watching a male masturbation video on our website and see how your adrenaline levels and blood pressure fare with the challenge!

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In case you like what you see (trust us, you will!), don’t hesitate to visit our masturbation video chat and hang out with some of our members. You’ll meet a bunch of new people, and more importantly, you’ll start discovering more about yourself, your kinks, and you’ll find new things that make your pants tight.

Once you go through a few of these video sessions, you’ll start thinking about doing them yourself. Treat yourself with a premium membership, turn on the camera, and the sky’s the limit! The thrill that comes with being in the center of attention while you’re vigorously jacking off can’t be matched by virtually anything. Try out our masturbate video chat section and see it for yourself; we guarantee you’ll never look back!

Put your creativity to the ultimate test, incorporate some toys and lube into the equation during your broadcast, and you will get some new fans and friends, there is no doubt about it! If you’re shy and not keen on showing yourself, enjoy the magic by watching other members!

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