March 04, 2021
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The Concept of Masturbation with the Non-Dominant Hand

The idea of using your non-dominant hand to masturbate may seem foreign to most, which should not be surprising. People have their self-proclaimed jack off hand which they always use when they are masturbating. In some cases, this tends to be the dominant hand so, for most, this means not masturbating with the left hand. Naturally, the reason for this is obvious because we lean towards using the dominant hand for everything. After all, it is stronger and more efficient than our weaker hand.

If you have been masturbating for a long period, then you have likely gotten used to the sensation of wanking. Thinking back to the first time that you masturbated, you probably did not put much thought into what hand to use. Instead, you likely just went for the free or dominant hand, which then became your masturbation hand. So, while your solo play may still be pleasurable, it can become quite repetitive.

Choosing to use the non-dominant hand is a great way to spice up your masturbation sessions once again. This is because you gain the ability to experience a different sensation each time you use your weaker hand. Changing the way that you get stimulated is not the only argument for using the non-dominant hand. In this post, we will be exploring what some of these other reasons are, why you may want to consider using it if you have never tried it before, and why using the non-dominant hand is increasingly becoming one of the top masturbation techniques for men.

Why Do People Masturbate Using Their Non-Dominant Jack Off Hand?

Men who have explored non-dominant hand masturbation have proclaimed that there are several benefits to using the weaker hand. So, if your right hand was typically your jack off hand, then switching to left hand masturbation could produce several benefits and enhance your solo sessions, and vice versa.

It Feels External

If you are left-handed or have been masturbating with your left hand, then using your right hand to wank may feel weird. This can especially be the case if you have not done so previously. Most men have described it as feeling like a stranger or a different person is masturbating rather than themselves. This makes it feel less like solo play and more enjoyable. Although this strange sensation may feel startling, the main reason for this lies in the lack of rhythm in our weaker masturbation hand and our brain structure.

Generally, the opposite part of your brain controls your non-dominant hand. So, if you are right-handed, the left side of your brain will carry out any tasks you perform. This means that the strong side of the brain is already more accustomed to sending out signals and coordinating with your body compared to the weaker side. So, if you are more used to rhythmic strokes when using your right hand, then masturbating with your left hand will feel unmeasured. However, many enjoy this external feeling as it allows you to mimic the presence of someone else quite easily. This makes it one of the top masturbation techniques for men.

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You Have Access to Other Angles

When you have been masturbating for a given period with your favored masturbation hand, you continuously stimulate the same areas. You can illustrate this by imagining the shape of a penis and thinking of what parts of it that you grip each time you masturbate. Naturally, you will find that the same parts of your hand touch the same area, leading to a similar sensation.

However, if you were to use the other hand to masturbate, then different parts of your penis get touched differently. So, if you are right-handed and switched to left hand masturbation, then your palm will now be rubbing against the left side of your penis rather than your right. In this case, by masturbating with your left hand , you can stimulate parts of your penis differently, leading to a different type of pleasure.

It Allows You to Multitask

The age of internet porn changed several things about the industry and how people consume pornographic content. However, few may have predicted that internet porn would have changed the main jack off hand and introduced new masturbation techniques for men. Yet, a survey conducted by Don Bigote found that nearly 50% of young people engaged in left hand masturbation compared to older generations where more than 75% of people used their right as their masturbation hand.

The main hypothesis behind this switch in what hand we use is commanded by the computers. Specifically, the mouse placement on most computers forced people to engage in left hand masturbation while they surf with their right hand. Essentially, by being able to masturbate while you browse, you can quickly change whatever you are viewing while you continue to masturbate with your other hand. This is in stark comparison to older generations who consumed porn through tapes or magazines and did not have this opportunity.

It May Last Longer

Different people have different reasons why and when they choose to wank. As masturbation is an excellent stress reliever, you may simply need it to unwind after a long day. So, this may be a swift process that you quickly get over with. Interestingly, Pornhub confirms this in a survey showing that 46% of men who masturbate watching porn climax within 10 minutes.

Though, in other cases, you may also want to relish the moment and pleasure yourself for a longer period. As it turns out, using your non-dominant hand is one of the best masturbation techniques for men to last longer. As your weaker hand cannot deliver your favored rhythm and struggles to remain coordinated, you have to work harder to reach your climax. This means that you will spend more time masturbating. Also, because you will be masturbating for a longer period, there is a good chance that your orgasm will be far more intense.

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Further Thoughts on Using the Non-Dominant Hand

Today, if you go around asking men what hand they use to masturbate you will get a myriad of reasons and answers. Just browsing around on forums through the internet produces a range of interesting discussions about what hand people use and what reasons people have for using that hand. These can range from penis shape and size to ambidexterity. Even in the internet age, which has seen an increase in the number of left-handed masturbators, people still cite their beliefs and traditions as reasons why they continue to favor their right hand.

In any case, we recommend that you try out the non-dominant hand every once in a while. We also suggest that you continue to use your weaker hand in other areas of your life as well as there are several benefits to switching things up. Studies have also shown that by using your non-dominant hand, you can control several of your impulses.

Now that you know about the power of your weaker hand, how did you feel about the benefits mentioned in this article? Are you going to attempt using your weaker hand the next time you engage in solo play? We encourage you to join our community of like-minded masturbation enthusiasts and discover a whole new world of techniques.

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