March 11, 2021
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What Is Fapping? The Ultimate Guide

The act of self-pleasure is nothing new. However, what always appears to change are the different names that we collectively agree to call this act. From jerking off to wanking to edging, masturbation and its different techniques have continued to take on various faces through the years.

Recently, fapping seems to have taken the crown and is now a huge part of popular culture, but what does fap mean, what are its origins, and are there any special fapping techniques? If you are one of the many that are plagued by these questions, then join us in this post as we dive deeper.

What Is Fapping?

Naturally, the first time you would have heard the word fapping, you would have been curious and must have asked yourself, what does fapping mean? In order to answer this question, we must be aware of where the word came from. The origins of fapping can be traced back to a webcomic written in 1999. Specifically, it was used to indicate the sound effect of a man masturbating in a manga issue known as The Thin H Line. It was not long after people saw the illustration of the guy fapping that the word took off.

As the term moved into popular culture, asking people what does fap mean also became a more likely occurrence. Search engines were filled with “what does fapping mean” or “what is fapping.” So, it is unsurprising that by 2006, fapping had already outranked “masturbate” in the number of Google searches.

So, what does fap mean? Well, while it was originally used to indicate that specific sound, it can now be seen as a replacement term for masturbation altogether. In any case, you should view fapping and masturbation as the same thing. It is simply the word that we have used to define it in this era and another word may come by and replace it. It wouldn’t surprise us if older words for masturbation begin to grow in popularity once again. So, instead of people asking Google, “what does fap mean”, they may be looking for the definition of “frig.”

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How Can I Use Different Fapping Techniques?

One additional question that goes with What does fapping mean, is Are there various ways to masturbate? If you have ever stumbled on a video of a guy fapping, you may think that there is only one way to do it, but this is not the case. There are many fapping techniques that you can employ to make your solo session more pleasurable.

Don’t Shy Away from Movements

When you ask most people, you’ll find out that they associate fapping with the typical back-and-forth motion. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with this as it is a tried and tested method. Yet, while it obviously works, you are missing out on many other ways to pleasure yourself by sticking to the same movement. If you are interested in testing other ways to masturbate, then our easiest recommendation is to try long strokes where you twist your shaft from the base to the tip. You could also attempt using your non-dominant hand or a three-finger grip instead.

Additionally, you could incorporate different parts of your body into your masturbation session. Your hips are one of your greatest friends when it comes to solo play. By moving your hips in a circular or forward-and-backward motion, you can increase the intensity and pleasure of your orgasm. We recommend that you test out different types of motion until you find what is best for you.

You Should Try Edging

Edging has become increasingly more popular in recent years. Essentially, edging is a way to prolong your fapping session by controlling your orgasm. A guy fapping for a longer period should lead to a more explosive orgasm. This makes edging one of the most intense fapping techniques that you can have in your locker.

There are many ways that you can elongate your session. However, this is mainly done by starting out slowly, increasing the speed as you build up to an orgasm, slowing just as you reach the peak, then repeating this process. You may also stop for a set period and continue later on. In any case, how long you choose to edge is up to you. Though the longer you edge, the more intense your orgasm should be.

Focus on More Than the Shaft

If you have ever seen any amateur guy fapping, you may notice that they will concentrate most of their action on the shaft. If you do this, then you are missing out on a lot of fun. One of the most obvious but hidden fapping techniques is to pay more attention to the testicles and the perineum. Your testicles contain almost the same amount of nerve endings as your penis, which means that they are very sensitive.

You may be confused about the best way to include your testicles and perineum while masturbating. If this is the case, then we suggest that you try pulling down your testicles right before you climax or spend some time massaging your perineum with your non-dominant hand while you stroke.

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Make Use of Sex Toys

When people think about what is fapping, they mostly picture using their bare hands. This may be because most of the popular sex toys that you are aware of, such as vibrators, are for females. However, there is a range of sex toys for men that can lead to a better masturbation session. These include pocket strokers, fleshjacks, prostate simulators, and many more.

We recommend that, as you look through each of these, think about what your solo session is missing and what toy is best placed to fill that gap. By making use of any of these toys, you get the chance to have a more pleasurable solo session and boost the intensity of your orgasm.

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