Admittedly when we first started videos weren’t encoding correctly and it took a while to figure out why and what to do about it. We had this fixed for a while now, but there’s still many videos on the site that are not in the right aspect ratio and unfortunately there was nothing we could do about that automatically since they were already encoded. We’ve gone back and forth about it and about what to do with the distorted videos and we finally landed on a solution, the owner of the video now has the option to resize the video either horizontally or vertically right from their My Videos page. All they need to do is click on the link and it will queue it to be resized. Do you see videos that need to be resized? Send the owner of the video a message and let them know.

This good new feature isn’t without retiring an old one though. For over a year now browsers haven’t been able to autoplay sound so we made the decision to no longer let you choose to autoplay music/bate audio tracks from the profiles since they most likely wouldn’t play in modern browsers.