September 08, 2020
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How to Masturbate: 12 Tips for Man Solo Play

There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with self-pleasure, especially with male masturbation.

Now, we’re here to tell you that those horror stories are false, and as a matter of fact, masturbation is actually great for your health.

It’s also pretty obvious that regular exercise does help the body and the mind perform optimally. Regular workouts release hormones that trigger positive feelings and sensations. Fortunately, the same thing applies to a little solo play as well!

You’ve read it right: masturbation is a totally safe, to relax, to get better sleep, and to release some sexual tension. You know what else? It can also help you discover your sexual likes and dislikes along with helping you get more creative when it comes to sexual pleasures.

The truth is, touching yourself “the traditional” way can get a bit boring so here are 12 different techniques to teach you how to explore new solo horizons.

Male Masturbation Techniques You Should Try Out

1. The Royal Treatment

This isn’t necessarily a new technique, rather an approach. It doesn’t have to be a quickie. Rather, prepare for it, make sure it’s going to be time well spent. “Me time” well spent, that is.

So, set the mood with the following:

  • Play your favorite porn
  • Tease yourself slowly
  • Turn off the lights
  • Use lubricant
  • Stay relaxed and go slow

2. Mix Things up

Just like with sex, when you’re doing the same thing over again, even the most pleasurable things can get a bit boring.

That being said, don’t stick to the same choreography every time, rather, consider masturbating while standing up, sitting down, pushing your hips forward, while you’re leaning against the wall.

When you experiment with different positions you can also discover different sensations.

3. Take the Time

Most men tend to rush through masturbation and get over with it pretty fast. If you are one of those, try and experiment a little with different strokes, toys, hands, positions, anything that pops into your mind. Explore your body and see what you like the most.

This is also a great way to learn more about your sexual preferences which can lead to better orgasms and also a more satisfying sex life.

4. Switch Hands from Time to Time

This one is as easy as a pie and probably the first to-go recommendation when you are googling “how to jerk off” on the internet.

That being said, consider using your non-dominant hand for solo play to discover a new source of sensation.

If you are up for it, you can also try “The Stranger” – the technique where you sit on your hand and wait until it falls asleep and then touch yourself with it. This gives you the sensation of another person pleasuring you.

How To Masturbate2

5. More Hip Action

Gyrating and trusting might sound like an odd thing to do when there’s no partner involved, however, they can help to increase the overall pleasure and the intensity of your session.

That being said, try moving your hips in a back-and-forth motion next time you masturbate. Also, you can move it in a circular motion – or whatever you prefer. Remember, it’s your “me time” so focus solely on what you like the most.

6. Different Strokes for Different Folks

The up-and-down motion is the oldest masturbation technique in the book and it works quite well for most men.

However, you can always try out different movements to see where they take you, right?

How about twisting strokes from the base of the penis to its tip? Grab it with your entire hand or use just a few fingers. Pull your penis with your palm while bating with a full-hand grip.

Mess around with different styles and see what you find the most pleasurable.

7. It’s Not Just about the Penis

Truth be told, a lot of men neglect their genitals when they masturbate. If you are one of them, make sure to give a bit more attention to your shaft, perineum, and testicles next time when you have fun alone.

For example, your balls might be almost as sensitive as your penis, so pulling down on them before orgasm can fortify the overall sensation and intensity of the pleasure you feel.

8. A Full-Body Experience

Let’s go one step forward. If we told you that a lot of men neglect their genitals, there’s even more that leaves their entire body out of the fun. How about playing with your erogenous zones? Your neck, mouth, lips, ears, and nipples can help intensify the sensation.

That being said, feel free to squeeze, pull, tug, pinch, and rub these body parts to have a better orgasm.

9. Your Prostate Is Your Friend

If you’ve been reading our blog posts, you know that we mention prostate play quite a lot. The truth is, this is one of the most intense orgasms you can experience, so if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the best time.

Because prostate play can be a lot to take in all at once, start off safe and slow by using only one finger to rub the outside and inside of your anus. When that feels comfortable, insert your finger slowly and locate your prostate to massage it. Slowly increase the speed as you feel that you’re about to finish so you can experience a mindbogglingly intense orgasm.

On the other hand, if you’re uncomfortable with using your fingers, you can always use sex toys for prostate stimulation.

10. Edging

The start-and-stop method is a great way to enhance not just your orgasm but the quality of your solo session as well. Edging, a popular method of orgasm control draws out the pleasure, which results in a longer, more intense, and more explosive orgasm.

The technique itself is rather simple. Just keep on masturbating until you are about to ejaculate then suddenly stop. Once the sensations have subsided a bit, start over again, increasing speed. Repeat this process as many times as you wish, or as many times as you could hold yourself back.

11. Toys? Toys!

If you want to add a bit of spice to your alone time, you can always use a couple of handy toys.

You can use:

  • Pocket pussies
  • Strokers
  • Fleshlights
  • Anal beads
  • Prostate stimulators
  • And more

12. How about Reading Porn?

Porn videos are undoubtedly hot, however, there are other options out there you can consider getting you hot and horny. You can read and listen to erotica which allows you to fantasize more.

Also, if you want to stick to videos, consider premium options as they will cater more to specific fantasies that you can explore and embrace.

The Takeaway

So, all in all, masturbation is a totally safe and healthy way to relieve stress, help you fall asleep, and get rid of built-up sexual tension.

Enjoying solo play is something that you should embrace regularly, as often as you’d like. And to make it a bit more interesting, make sure to use these techniques we’ve listed above.

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