Today we rolled out a big change for BateWorld that you probably noticed. The home page looks a little different, pages are wider, and mobile looks off. Why?

There’s been a lot of talk internally about how we want to handle mobile and what the future looks like for BateWorld and it was ultimately decided that a separate mobile site just wasn’t the way to do it anymore. So while the mobile site is still there while we work on the rest of the site, eventually all pages will be responsive like the new home page and therefore it will be removed.

Right now we have a list of the most important pages and the plan is to get a few of them to be responsive per week. Some may take longer than others, so we will be starting with what we feel are the most important pages, the first one was the home page, the next one is going to be profile.

So what have we rolled out already? A responsive home page with completely new menu that will no longer close when you don’t want it to and it also won’t go to the next line if a username is too long. A slightly wider site that is a standard width on the web today at 1170px. We got rid of the What’s Hot section and added the latest pictures and videos. The recent news will now only show news and not articles from our other sites.

This was a long time coming and we’re not done yet, it’s going to be a process making everything mobile friendly and that doesn’t just include the pages, we’ll be rolling out the new VidChat with all the requested features the current one has soon.

It’s an exciting time for BateWorld and we wouldn’t be at this point without our members, so thank you.