Annoying Group Invites?

November 23, 2020

Are group invites getting to be too much? Is one or more group sending you invites multiple times and you have no interest in joining? Well now you can block groups which will prevent them from sending you invites.  You…

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All Videos Can be Resized

November 15, 2020

As mentioned previously videos could be resized, however that left out group videos. We’ve just finished updating group videos to have the option to reencode them. In order to reencode them, you must be the owner of the group. You…

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Different Types of Prostate Stimulators

November 11, 2020

Not many guys are willing to dive into butt plays, which is a shame because prostate stimulation is one of the most underappreciated sources of pleasure. The prostate is also known as the male g-spot, which tells you more than…

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Seamless Album Scrolling

November 09, 2020

We’ve just finished up a new feature that lets you seamlessly scroll an album by using the arrow keys. The albums have been completely rewritten to go from picture to picture without a page refresh. This new feature is available…

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8 Male Masturbation Mistakes

November 04, 2020

Most people would agree that masturbation is a pretty exciting and enjoyable experience, especially after an exhausting day at the office. While there is no right or wrong way of doing it, there are some things that can improve your…

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10 Sex Toys You Can Control With Your Smartphone

October 11, 2020

Modern technology managed to change our lives. Back from the days of frozen TV dinners to the first video games, to today, where there’s an app for everything. Literally everything. That being said, did you know that apps can even…

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Making Men Excited: User’s Guide to the P-Spot

October 04, 2020

If you’re a seasoned bator, then you probably know everything there is to know about the P-spot. Truth be told, when it comes to masturbating, getting excited, and awesome bodily sensations, nothing can come even close to some good old-fashioned…

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What Is a Cock Ring and How to Use It

September 30, 2020

If you’ve avidly researched the internet on the topic of sex toys, then you already know that there’s  an abundance of different gadgets out there for every fetish and kink. Among these toys, you have  a specific category called cock…

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Why Some Guys Like Jerking Off Together

September 25, 2020

Does the thought of guys jerking off together seem a bit odd to you? Well for some of you, the thought of men masturbating in a group might come off as a weird sexual fetish, however, it’s not as uncommon…

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Best Sex Toys for Male Masturbation

September 15, 2020

When it comes to handy little sex tools for solo fun (or with a partner, for that matter) it mostly seems that women are those who have all the fun. Literally, they have an entire arsenal of sex toys at…

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