Video Only Chatroom

March 18, 2020

Today we launched, for testing,  a new feature called the Video Only Chatroom.  Premium members have expressed interest in having a video only solution where you must have your cam on to participate, and where you don’t have to jump…

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Who’s Watching me on Vidchat?

January 19, 2020

Today for our new Vidchat we rolled out some of the most requested features that our members have been wanting for a while now. The biggest one is seeing a list of who’s viewing you. When you are on cam…

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Vidchat Premium Membership Benefit

January 03, 2020

Thank you, everyone, who participated during the time that we opened our new VidChat to all members; your feedback was invaluable! We continue to make enhancements, including coming soon: Sorting by who’s watching you, a timestamp for how long a…

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Vidchat Open to All Members

December 09, 2019

We’ve opened up the new Vidchat to all members for a limited time! New members get one week free that includes Videos, blogs, groups, music, but after that week is up you are free to access our new Vidchat as…

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Enhanced Mobile View

November 11, 2019

A few months ago when we first announced the responsive design, we said that it was not done and that the mobile site would remain as is for now. Today we removed it entirely. All pages that had a mobile…

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Responsive Future

August 21, 2019

Today we rolled out a big change for BateWorld that you probably noticed. The home page looks a little different, pages are wider, and mobile looks off. Why? There’s been a lot of talk internally about how we want to…

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Video improvements

July 12, 2019

We’ve made a lot of video improvements over the last few months. We have a new video player, have fixed an issue with old aspect ratio that caused videos to be distorted, so now all new videos will be the…

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Site Issues

June 02, 2019

As you’ve noticed, we had some issues this past week or so. No matter what adjustments we made, it didn’t improve anything.It was discovered mid-day Saturday that all of the issues we were having in the past week was due…

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New Website Flow

March 27, 2019

We have updated the flow of the website from the verify page to the home page to login and registration. You will notice a new theme for pages when you aren’t logged in. We also have a few new pages,…

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