This #YES-Nut-November, and Bator Balm join forces to offer scrotal support to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation


This November, we’re working to bring bator awareness to at home self checks (it’s easy and fun!) and routine screenings with Limited Edition BateWorld x Bator Balm Superhero Tees. We’re donating $10 for every shirt sold in the month of November to show testicular cancer we mean business, SUPERHERO BATE BUSINESS! All profits go directly to Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Every shirt comes with a discount code for 25% off your next order from!🧴
Superhero Testicles


As many as 1 in 250 Testicle Owners will develop cancer at some point in their life!


About the cause:

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation We seek to reduce the great stigma and taboo associated with talking about testicular health. Most teenagers and young men are embarrassed to openly talk about their bodies and the changes taking place, therefore testicular cancer goes undetected and for some, it’s too late.



Perform a self check right now!


About BateWorld: The world’s largest male masturbation community. BateWorld is a playground for masturbators, solosexuals, gooners, edgers, and other experts in the art of male masturbation. Reducing shame, eliminating stigma, helping men cum.


About Bator Balm:

Bator Balm: For PenisesBator Balm not only feels good, it’s a statement. It says that you are proud of who you are and what you do. That you deserve pleasure and happiness. It says you enjoy the journey as much as the destination. It says that you are not ashamed of your sexuality.