When people talk about sex toys, most don’t even mention that there are accessories for men as well. When sex toys are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is dildos, vibrators, or BDSM equipment. On contrary to common belief, there are many sex toys and accessories made for men. If you do a little research, you’ll find masturbators, prostate massagers, top-rated cock rings, stimulators, and many more.

Some sex toys are for advanced users, some are for solo play, while others can be used when having sex with a partner. Out of all the male sex toys, cock rings are the most popular. If you’ve never used one before, keep reading and check out the list of best penis rings for beginners.

Beginners Usually Start With an Improvised Cock Ring

A homemade cock ring is usually the first one that beginners try on. There are tons of ways to make an improvised cock ring that does the job, but they’re called improvised for a reason. It’s similar to the real deal, but you can consider yourself lucky if you manage to pull it off without any discomfort.

If you still want to try and make a homemade penis ring, you can use a couple of techniques. The first and most hygienic would be to use a condom, or to be precise, the ring that sits at the bottom of your penis. All you need to do is cut off the part that goes on your shaft and slip it on. It will put pressure and limit blood flow, creating the same effect as a regular silicone cock ring.

When it comes to homemade cock rings you can get creative and use a wide variety of materials to create one for yourself. Some have used rubber bands, different kinds of O rings that you can buy at almost any hardware store, and even shoelaces. 

The good thing about DIY is that you can make a small or big cock ring, and make it the perfect size for you. Unfortunately, there are some things to be cautious about when using a homemade penis ring. Depending on the material you’re using to make a cock ring, it can potentially cause skin burns, penis damage, or just pluck your pubic hair which can be pretty painful if you don’t manscape regularly.

Some of the Top Rated Cock Rings Are Adjustable

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Before acquiring enough experience to use metal cock rings, it’s best to use adjustable cock rings that are usually one-size-fits-all. Adjustable cock rings are mostly made from silicone and combined with strings so adjusting them would be easier. They’re considered the safest of all because beginners tend to forget that they shouldn’t be used for more than 20 minutes per session. Having restricted blood flow can significantly damage the penis and the treatment and recovery can last a very long time.

There are many options when it comes to these accessories, and they are considered the best penis rings for beginners. When you use an adjustable cock ring, you can easily adjust the pressure you’ll feel when wearing it. Experimenting with it may take time, but you’ll learn what feels best for you and what gives you the best effect!

A Big Cock Ring That Vibrates Can Satisfy You and Your Partner as Well

When regular cock rings became a thing, people started thinking about ways to additionally intensify the pleasure they feel. Even wearing a homemade cock ring gave much more effects than anyone expected, and adding vibration to it was the only thing that could make it better. Not only did the men feel more confident, but their partners also enjoyed it more!

Most commercial cock ring manufacturers offer silicone cock rings with built-in vibrators and for a very affordable price. Depending on the model, they start from around $10 for a disposable cock-ring.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can invest in a cock ring with a dildo attached to it! Yes, that’s a thing and it’s available in most sex shops worldwide. Even though it sounds like a bit too much, it’s one of the best penis rings you can buy. Of course, your partner needs to agree to something like that, but once you experience the feeling of double penetration, you’ll be happy that you decided to get a cock ring with a dildo attached to it!

What Effects to Expect When Using the Top Rated Cock Rings?

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People who decide to try cock rings usually look for a more intense experience during sex. Cock rings are also known to improve the longevity of an erection and strength. These are the reasons why most people start thinking about cock rings in the first place.

What most people don’t know is that both homemade cock rings and store-bought cock rings have many other effects. Did you know that cock rings help with erectile dysfunction?

Since cock-rings first became available, people have gotten creative with their use. They can be used to arouse your partner, intensify your masturbation game, and even women use it for solo-play sometimes. If you’re into top-rated cock rings, you’ve noticed that most of them vibrate. You can use it to explore your partner’s body and find their erogenous zones without putting it on your penis. It’s a great tool to spice things up in the bedroom!

Risks Regarding Cock Ring Use You Should Know About

Like any other type of sex toy or accessory, there are a few risks that you should be aware of if you want to get yourself a new cock ring. The biggest risks can be avoided if you know how to use these performance-enhancing accessories. 

The first thing you should know is that a cock ring isn’t meant to be worn for more than 20 minutes. The restriction of blood flow to the penis can increase the possibility of penis damage which can get very painful and difficult to heal. If you notice your penis swelling too much while wearing a cock ring, remove it immediately because you can avoid permanent damage to your private parts and an awkward trip to the emergency room.

Because there are stretchable and non-stretchable cock rings, you’ll need to make sure you got the right size. That’s why it’s recommended to get an adjustable cock ring at first, so you’ll know what feels good and what doesn’t. Choosing the right material is also very important because you can get allergic reactions from some types of metal or latex.

Probably the most important thing is to do some research on your own! You can visit websites such as BateWorld where you’ll find many like-minded people who are willing to share their experience with certain types of cock rings! And you can always like, share, and check out our other articles if you liked this one.